Points to be Considered  for social Media Optimization

Generally people consider that social site doesn’t have any role other then the connecting people with each other but now the concept has been changed properly by the new companies , New  commercial player in the market are coming up with different strategies and planning . Now most of the companies are using social sites to promote their product in the market.  In concern of that companies are going for the SMO. Which is related to the spreading the brand awareness in the market with the help of the social media sites.

I will not say that, all the companies get positive result in short time period, but it totally depends on the strategies and innovation and creativity of your ads Some time it depends on the industry as well .

How to improve your traffic with SMO

Creative Ads

Whenever you are posting any picture or any other post on social site about your product or company, be specific about your appeal and message. There should be clear message through the media file which you are using for the social post. There should be proper balance between the media. A creative ad always get the attention of visitors very easily so put more and more creativity in your ad to get the maximum click .

Proper use of Text

You have to be very careful while using the text for your ad on social sites. Your text should be clear and specific , which should be easy to understand. Some time people dose silly mistakes like , long paragraph with the ad and which loose the interest of the visitor , so your text should be meaningful and related to the picture which you are using.

Selection of Right Picture/Media File

While selecting picture for the promotion, you need to be clear about your message , that what you want to convey because some time pictures explain the message itself . So Picture selection should be based on the idea behind the ad .

Selection of geographical area for the ads

Whenever you post ads on face book or any other social site through your company page, before that you have to select area, which you are targeting for that particular ad. So you have to select the area carefully so you can reach your target audience easily .

Selection of the Social site

Some time companies dose their promotion on all the social sites without doing any research that they will get a result out of it or not. Because all the social sites has their own set of peopl . So before going for SMO you should do proper research on this that which site would be useful for your brand promotion? For Example When we talk about LinkedIn Or twitter these are the site which are mainly based on the professional industry so a company which is dealing in daily use product, will not get a good result on this site but yes this company will do the same exercise on Face book, there would be maximum chance to get positive result out of it. So right selection of the social site is very important for saving your time and money when you are doing paid campaign.

Daily Update

To show the presence on the social sites, you have to be very much active on the sites where you are promoting your company . There should be a series of the activates to connect your target audience with your company. There should be a daily update by your company page, It’s not necessary that it should be ad , it can be any other knowledgeable post as well . It helps in the Brand Recall.

Use new Ideas to connect with your customers

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You should implement new strategies to connect with your target audience. There are so many examples where companies implemented online activities for their customers to engage them. It helps you to connect with your customers.