When We talk about online Reputation management, most of the people think that ORP is related with only social sites and Google search but that not the real scenario. ORP means when people are talking about you on the internet , they are writing about you and your product , giving comments on your blogs and mentioning your company/product name into their online updates , that’s called the online reputation of the company or product. Online reputation is very important for any company to promote the brand name in the market, that effects the online brand positioning of the company. When more and more people talk about your company/product that directly affects the Google ranking of your site. Now most of the companies are working on different ORP strategies like direct conversation with the visitors’ trough comments and feedback, writing blogs and asking people for their reactions on that. These are few activities through which companies try to connect with their target audience.

We have team of expert content writers and marketing professionals, who works for the ORP of our clients with the positive result , our team work on different parameters while making any strategy for ORP , so we can get the maximum attention of the people and we can force them to talk about us online.

We have team of specialized people who works for the social media strategies for ORP. We do the proper market analysis and product analysis to design the social media campaign, which can add on the value to the ORM of the company. We different teams work for various online activities to build the online reputation of our client.

Main parameters that we focus, during the ORP strategies

Positive Impact on the visitors

We try to involve our visitor into positive conversation about our product and industry , where we fall. So we can get the maximum positive response from the readers. Some time readers comment into negative way as well which affects the thinking of other readers as well

Ask people’s opinion about most strong point of your Company

Some time it happens companies get very bad response from the visitors about their product and services which affect the OR of the company. So we need to understand that which is best thing about our company, which people are liking the most. If we will ask the online opinion of the people we will get positive response which affect online goodwill of our company.

Aggressive SEO

Our team works on different SEO techniques, to promote the web site so Google can rank our site on top results. So our company name would be there into most of the search and people will know about our site and they will talk about us. That’s how we involve the Aggressive seo to build the online reputation management of the company

Review Removal on the daily basis

We have team of experts who analyzes the daily activities of the visitors on the sites so they can do the changes accordingly , because there are so many people who leaves the negative comment about your company or mentioning your service there, rather then suggesting or commenting back we should delete the comment because such kind of comment helps to lead the negative promotion about the company .

Online Investigation

Our team works in proper systematic way. We provide the online investigation assistance to our clients. In case of serious attack to your brand image we have team of experts which trace the people through various techniques and

  • Understand your detractors
  • React quickly with polite words
  •  Ask for the suggestions
  • Learn From your mistakes