In starting phase of my career into content marketing I use to tell my clients about the importance of the content marketing and they worked on it but after few years they discussed with me about the issues they were facing into that, after loading so much of content on the sites but still they were not getting the appropriate result. On their personal request when I saw the content of their site, that was quality content but not relevant with the site and with the product which they were offering in the market. And due that they were not getting relevant out-put.

I always tell my creative team to write relevant content because that’s the important thing to drag the attention of Google towards your site. The content which we upload on site should be based on different parameters like: – service which we are providing, and the search behaviour of the customer. Before writing any content we should find the keywords through which we can make our content strong on different basis. We have so many tools available online, through which we can do the keyword search like Google Key Planner and through your competitive analysis. We need to understand the strategy of the top player in the market in the same industry, and how they are playing with the content to drag the attention of Google.

There are few things that we need to keep in mind during the content marketing strategy

  • Market Trend
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Behaviour of consumer
  • Easy Language to understand
  • Relevant information
  • Site should be more informative

If you are a new player into the industry and you want to write the content for your site , You need to understand the market trend that , how that industry is working , and proceeding into that same way you have to analyse the search behaviour of your target audience. Your should work to make your site more informative so it can be useful for your visitors, even Google gives importance to the informative sites rather than the overloaded content sites. So while writing any content focus on the quality and relevancy in regards with market trend and your product and offerings.